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our mission

To grow our business by establishing lasting relationships with our clients through solutions, experience, integrity and performance.

our team

Jonno Pridham

Service manager

Jonathan looks after QMAX service, maintenance and repair work, along with his team they maintain many pump stations in the Canberra and wider region. Jonathan provides constant feedback from his service team to the sales and operations, as to what products or manufacturing methods have the best results many years after construction.

Dan Churchman

Sales Representative

Dan Pridham

Sales Manager

Dan is the sales manager at QMAX, who has a passion for offering unique, custom designed pumping solutions for many pump station applications. Our focus at QMAX, is to continue to build on our vast experience in the pump station project work, especially the projects that include design and construction.

Mike Pridham

Operations Director

Mike looks after all the operations at QMAX, having been here since 1995 he has seen many changes in the pumping world. Through these changes one line that QMAX holds tight, is to deliver a quality system to our clients, that is made to a high standard with a view to safe, reliable operation during the systems service life.

Ashish Bahl

Sales Representative

Gerald Churchman

Operations Manger

Gerald is a recent addition to the QMAX team, and has taken on specific projects with a dedicated ethic. Gerald has had experience in different industries, but one common theme he has followed, is to have an eye for detail and ensure the project to hand is done correctly.

Phil Pridham

Managing Director

Phil is the founder of QMAX Pumping Systems, Phil began selling pumps into the HVAC market in 1975, then known as Canberra Engineering Supplies. Having worked as an Engineer in the building services industry Phil has extensive knowledge as to correct pump application and selection. Presently Phil is still actively involved in the pump selection and system design process, to ensure correct pump application as this is a key to the reliability of the pump system.

David Parker

Senior Service Technician

Mike Urquhart

Sales Representative

Pradeep Prakash

Operations Manager

Todd Spence

Warehouse Manager

Shailesh Patel


Chelsea Pridham

Accounts Manager

Darcy Pridham


Riki Danjuma

Service Technician

Kilarney Woodbury

Accounts Receivable

Experience and expertise in wastewater pumping station servicing and manufacturing

With qualified staff and with over 40 years of experience in design and construction of pumping systems, QMAX can provide design assistance in the formulation of a solution to its clients pumping problems.

Pump control is a focus area for QMAX, where modern motor control technology is integrated with pump systems to achieve efficient control of pressure, level and flow.


The philosophy at QMAX is to maintain contacts with a wide range of suppliers of pumps and ancillary equipment, in view of being able to provide our customers with pumping solutions engineered to meet their requirements, without the restrictions imposed by a single brand supplier. A range of value-added solutions, built to meet the needs of clients, integrate pumps and pipework, valves, filtration and controls to provide a functional solution efficiently and economically.