Another Example of Q-Max Water Pumping Ingenuity

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In 2011 Yowani Country Club obtained the right to harvest stormwater overflow from Sullivans Creek which passed through their picturesque golf course. The plan was to store it in a new 3-megalite collection dam, from which it would be then pumped to the Club’s existing irrigation storage dam.

The Problem?

How to pump water from a creek overflow into Yowani Country Club’s collection dam without incurring prohibitive costs for power supply upgrades.

The Solution…

Enter Q-Max Pumping Systems. As we always do, we looked at both the big picture AND the nitty gritty until we came up with the solution. It wasn’t a case of thinking bigger, but thinking smarter.

Problem solved!

Conventional thinking had it that we would need 4 x 150kW pumps to achieve the necessary power (600kW total) to transfer water at up to 600 litres/sec from the collection dam to the storage dam.

However working with the club and their contractor Hewatt Earthworks, we re-designed the whole system using just 3 x 55kW pumps to maintain the same flow. The total power required to drive this ingenious three-pump water system was only 165kW – a massive saving of 435kW.

As with all great ideas, this solution was deceptively simple. The three pumps are sequentially controlled so that as the level in the collection dam rises, more pumps are started. This flexibility of operation means that only the minimum number of pumps run at any one time to transfer all the water available for harvesting, up to the capacity of the system.

This design meant that the system could be connected to the existing power supply, avoiding the necessity of expensive power upgrades.

A total solution.

Q-Max achieved maximum pumping efficiency at minimum cost by looking at everything in context. We studied every link in the chain, from the suction inlet through to the discharge. Plus we were hands-on at each and every step of the process from the initial design right through to choosing the actual brand and type of pump. We even designed the discharge pipework.

This is yet another example of Q-Max Pumping Systems proving the optimum solution.

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