After custom designing and building pre-cast concrete pumping stations for more than 30 years, QMAX has developed the strongest pre-cast concrete pumping station on the market: FORTIS.

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FORTIS Delivers:

  • Greater longevity and a better return on your investment
  • Greater resistance to harsh environments
  • Superior serviceability and improved safety
  • Space-saving, compact footprint

Why FORTIS is stronger and better than the rest:

  • Increased concrete strength, 50MPa to 70Mpa
  • Increased wall thickness, from 120mm to 150mm
  • Increased corrosion resistance using specialised concrete enhancers, enhancing life expectancy
  • Component weight is more closely balanced, making it both easier and safer for installation, while also contributing to cost-effectiveness
  • Revised integral VC dimensions for easier access to valves
  • 100 years design life

Other features:

  • Built with 50MPa to 70Mpa concrete, using a steel mould and intense vibration (compaction)
  • Modular, space-saving design for easy assembly
  • Flexible configuration and quick repair
  • Simple, pain-free installation
  • Full compliance with all safety standards
  • Welded PE liner is available for increased longevity. The liner is set into the internal surface of the concrete well.
  • To improve safety requirements, an integral valve chamber is sealed from the pumpwell atmosphere. This provides a safe working environment for maintenance work, as well as reducing the common problem of differential settlement between the pumpwell and valve chamber.
  • Our control systems and pipework material and configuration is fully customised for your project. Control options include telemetry, SCADA, Ethernet, Modbus connections and much more.

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