Industrial Subdivision SPS

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This Pump Station was constructed in North West New South Wales, for the local council that is putting infrastructure in place to allow further development of their industrial area.

This pump station was our 3200mm unit, with integral valve chamber with separate flow meter pit housing the Magnetic flow meter.

The pump installed were 22KW Sulzer pumps, DN200 HDPE internal pipework, and a custom made controller with integrated variable speed drives.

The inlet to the pump station was via two lines, one a DN150 and the other a DN375.

Both were fitted with Stainless Steel knifegate valves, to allow safe servicing of the pump station in years to come.

The commissioned pump station was then fitted with the required SACDA system to allow all functionality to be seen on line.

The council foreman was very impressed with the quality of service provided throughout this turnkey project, getting the system installed and operational on time and on budget. Contact names and phone numbers are available for independent references.