Pump and Filter for Non-potable Irrigation System

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Q-Max has secured a large contract recently to provide and install a pump and filter system in the ACT, which will supply non-potable water to irrigation systems in the north Canberra region.

This system is very complex, and includes:

Water is to be pumped out of the dam at up to 150 litres per second, with a constant discharge of 600kPa. The bore pump (which is 55m below surface level) will produce a further 20 litres per second, again with a pressure of 600kPa. This water will be reticulated through North Canberra to serve parks and playing fields.

How to Deal Water Overflow

At times, excess water causes the dam to fill and overflow. Rather than this excess being wasted, the bore pump system will be fitted with an aquifer recharge facility so the water can be transferred below ground for storage.

Filtration and Turbidity Monitoring

The filtration specifications for this project state that turbidity is to be no greater than 25 NTU. To achieve this, our design includes 12 filter vessels in parallel – each 1200mm in diameter. This will ensure turbidity specifications are met even when the pump system is operating at full capacity.

SCADA Compatibility

This project will also be fully compatible with the new SCADA system being installed in the North Canberra region. This will offer full monitoring, reporting and control of the network.

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