Pump System for Tumbarumba Water Supply

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Throughout the year, much of the Tumbarumba potable water comes from the Snowy Mountains region.  However, during the dry summer months an emergency bore and creek pump system water supply is required to make up the shortfall.

Q-Max recently worked with Tumbarumba Council on an upgrade to this emergency water supply system to ensure the pumps always operate efficiently. There were two requirements to achieve this, which were to:

As a result, the Tumbarumba council achieved:

  1. A far more energy efficient system, and
  2. The opportunity to claim benefits from the state government under the CEEP scheme (which provides $112 million in funding annually).


One-Month Deadline

There was a great deal of urgency with this project, and we were able to complete the majority of the work in less than one month.

In this one month period, Q-Max:

This project was a great example for how Q-Max can integrate new and existing infrastructure with a high level of efficiency.

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