Gundagai Muffin Monster

  • Gundagai Muffin Monster Project Image
  • Gundagai Muffin Monster Project Image
  • Gundagai Muffin Monster Project Image


There had been very frequent pump blockages at the sewage pump station from rags and solids due to nearby institutions that gravitate sewage to the pump station. The pump station uses positive displacement type pumps due to high head condition. The blockages have cost the council a lot of time and resources and increased the OH&S threats to operators required to carry out major unblocking and repairs to the pumps.


Q-Max supplied a customised, standalone FRP manhole with a 10K Series Channel Muffin Monster  pre-installed on stainless steel guiderails. The unit was installed on the incoming gravity main, between the inlet manhole and the pump station. The Muffin Monster® has the new Wipes-ReadyTM 17 tooth cutters which are ideally suited to the application.

The FRP manhole unit was manufactured with inbuilt channel and to the exact levels and pipe sizes for the location to enable simple lowering into the excavation and connection to the gravity mains—whole installation completed and in service within 9 hrs.

Q-Max also supplied the control panel which incorporates auto reverse functions of the Muffin Monster® ensuring trouble free continuous operation, along with inbuilt alarms and SMS dialler.