Nambour Aquatic Centre

  • Nambour Aquatic Centre Project Image
  • Nambour Aquatic Centre Project Image


QMAX were engaged to work with long-time partner Airmaster Australia to provide a pump to service some heat pumps at the Nambour Aquatic Centre, half-way through 2022. QMAX won the job for a full Stainless Steel Pump Construction with an Inertia Base and Spring Mounts, and was fully completed in March 2023.


There were many challenges on the project but none so much as the need for a corrosion resistant solution for a harsh environment. This meant that the pump had to be a stainless steel construction with a stainless steel pump cover to protect it from it’s environment. Further to this we needed a full stainless steel inertia base and epoxy coated spring mounts for the mounting arrangement.

After the full design process from the QMAX team the results were amazing! A Southern Cross StarPro (stainless Steel Construction) with a custom stainless steel baseplate, pump cover and inertia base and epoxy coated spring mounts.