Treachery Camp Holiday Park

  • Treachery Camp Holiday Park Project Image
  • Treachery Camp Holiday Park Project Image


Treachery Camp, situated along the pristine beaches and coastline of Seal Rocks, NSW, confronted operational challenges with its wastewater treatment plant, necessitating frequent, unscheduled maintenance interventions. The facility grappled with a notable influx of foreign items being flushed into the sewer system, a challenge that proved resistant to conventional mitigation measures. Previous attempts to address this issue using cutter pumps resulted in recurrent ragging issues, particularly attributed to the introduction of wet wipes into the system. Subsequent burnouts of cutter pumps prompted the client to seek a more sustainable and robust solution, leading to their inquiry about the installation of a Muffin Monster grinder.


The project encountered several challenges, foremost among them being the availability of a single-phase power supply instead of the requisite three-phase power. QMAX adeptly mitigated this obstacle by furnishing the grinder with an alternative single-phase electric motor option, thereby aligning the equipment with the available power infrastructure.

Additionally, the imperative to optimize power consumption prompted QMAX to propose and integrate an inline flow sensor. This sensor, designed to monitor flow within the system, activates the Muffin Monster grinder when flow is detected, ensuring its operation only when necessary. Consequently, this strategic implementation led to substantial reductions in power consumption, thus yielding tangible energy savings.

Addressing concerns related to the installation process, particularly with regard to location and accessibility of components, QMAX proactively provided a comprehensive plug-and-play system. This inclusive system featured PVC flanges, connectors, and fittings, empowering the client to autonomously install the entire apparatus. This turnkey solution not only surmounted logistical challenges associated with location and accessibility but also underscored QMAX’s commitment to client convenience and self-sufficiency.



Client Testimonial

“We have been operating our onsite sewerage treatment plant since the 1990’s and over time contaminants started to cause issues. Eventually a cutter pump was installed on the input in a tank, and this solved the problem for years. Eventually this started to rag up on a frequent basis due to wet wipes. Screens were tried and these required frequent cleaning which was a messy job and the staff complained. After burning out a number of cutter pumps we decided to get a Muffin Monster. After some teething problems due to a sagging sewer line the Muffin Monster has been working for a couple of years now and there are no issues at all. Our customers appreciate a clean operating plant and the staff just want it to work with no issues. The Muffin Monster delivers.”


Graham Brown

Owner Operator

Treachery Camp Pty Ltd