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PROJECT: Albury City Council is responsible for running the collection network and wastewater treatment plants in the country, which has urban centres with population of 51,000.

UNIQUE CHALLENGE: One critical sewer pumping station uses two pumps to move wastewater from houses to the main treatment plant. The original two pumps with channel impellers were experiencing blockage 2-3 times per week. Every time this occurred, two men and a service truck with a crane were required to unblock the pumps and clear the station.

SOLUTION: Two ABS submersible sewage pumps XFP were installed to replace the older pumps in December 2012.

EVALUATION: No pump blockage has occurred since the installation of the two ABS submersible sewage pumps. The new pumps also keep the pump free from build-up, as they easily handle rag and large solids. It is estimated that four man-days are saved per month by not having to unblock the pumps.

As a result of being a growing and vibrant city, Albury City Council has an extensive sewer reticulation network, incorporating other sewer pumping stations requiring significant and ongoing maintenance and energy costs.
Albury City Council have been recently looking at ways of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs across our infrastructure network.

Part of this process highlighted a particularly challenging sewer pump station, where there is a consistently high volume of ragging and foreign items such as clothing and underwear being received into the pump station from the sewer system. A well-known brand pump was being frequently blocked, contributing to maintenance and running costs being a lot higher than they should have been.

Since installing the ABS XFP Contrablock submersible sewer pumps from Q-Max Pumping Systems our emergency maintenance call outs for this pump station have gone from a minimum of 2 to 3 calls per week due to blockage, to zero call outs required.

We are very happy with this result and have no hesitation in recommending the ABS XFP Sewer pumps. On a side note, Albury City Council have also proved the ABS XRW High Efficiency submersible Mixers to be very reliable and efficient at our waste water treatment installations.

Clinton Crocker
Mechanical Coordinator – Waste Water
Albury City Council