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Modbury Place, Bungendore Sewer pump station No. 2

QMax recently completed an upgrade of this sewer pump station for QPRC ( Queanbeyan Paralang Regional Council)

QMax scope of works included:
• Installation of new extended coverslab, with conduits cast in to controller location from the pump well.
• Lockable aluminium access covers to provide access to the pump station and valve chamber, with aluminium safety grates fitted to pump well access.
• Supply and installation of new valve chamber, complete new DN100 gate and check valves for each pump.
• Supply and installation of new DN125 HDPE pipework down to existing discharge bends
• Supply and installation of new DN50 stainless steel guiderails
• Supply and installation of new DN150 Stainless steel knifegate valve on incoming sewer line, including DN150 dropper tee.
• Design, manufacture and installation of a plinth mounted IP56 rated enclosure with powder coated steel construction and doors with 3 point locking system and padlockable handles, with Mulitsmart controller programed for required installation, three segregated compartments & 50A generator inlet with manual change over switch.
• Pump station control with controller programed to suit this installation
• Supply and installation of new level switches, and a Vega Plus 61 radar sensor
• Supply and installation of 2.5m high powder coated light pole, fitted with 80W LED floodlight, installed to illuminate the pump well and valve chamber18.\