Water Pressure Boosting Systems

QMAX Pressure system pumps are ideal for mains water supply systems and for pressure boosting in multi-story buildings. The demand for water in these situations can fluctuate greatly during the course of a day. With QMAX pressure systems, it is easy to provide optimal user comfort by maintaining constant water pressure at all levels and at all times.

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  • Complete package system
  • Factory-tested and meets all safety standards
  • Mains booster or tank booster
  • Provides constant water pressure
  • Increases pump life
  • Fixed speed and variable speed control options
  • Single or multiple pump units can be combined with pressure tanks, valves, gauges, pressure and flow monitoring equipment and many different filtration and treatment options.


  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Town water pressure booster
  • Remote site water supply
  • Industrial requirements