Hydro Q Range

From single pump to multi-pump systems, QMAX has an extensive range of systems that can provide options including filtration, sterilisation and disinfection, all integrated with the pump controls into a simple prefabricated and reliable package. We have even designed systems to utilise water from several sources with control systems that can be integrated into Building Management Systems.

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  • Fully assembled packaged units
  • Fully integrated electrical controls which require only a single 15amp single phase power outlet
  • UV Sterilisation systems can be fitted
  • Able to utilise above or below ground water sources
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Dual pump option available
  • Outdoor enclosure available
  • Variable speed drive to provide constant, stable pressure over a wide range of flows
  • Customised to your requirements
  • External monitoring system compatible


  • Non potable water supply
  • Pressure boosting and rainwater re-use system
  • Commercial / domestic toilets
  • Irrigation
  • Wash down water
  • Toilet flushing