Solids Handling

With solid inorganic material becoming a increasing issue in sewerage systems, Muffin Monsters have been designed to overcome this with an extensive range of grinders, that reduce the solid size of the material making it easier for pumps and other equipment to handle the sewerage and other trade waste flows, reducing pump and other equipment blockages which are expensive and difficult to deal with.

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Automated Septic Receival


Well designed septic receival station with automated control can allow the system to operate without requiring operator intervention, allowing the system to be used for longer periods, and with a Muffin Monster, blockages caused by ragging can be eliminated.

One of the primary considerations for treatment plants is how
to receive the septic without disrupting the operation

of their traditional sewage treatment operations, along with management of the unloading process and associated odours must be considered as well as a plan for the invoicing of Waste Collection companies.

The Honey MonsterĀ® septage receiving system designed by JWC addresses all these problems. This fully enclosed system combines screening out of large debris, grinding of blockage creating solids, and washing and dewatering of the inorganic waste. The Honey MonsterĀ® system incorporates the Monster TrakTM access card system to capture the loads being dumped by Waste Collection companies and for invoicing purposes.

Private septic and portable toilet service companies can also use the Honey MonstersĀ® for their needs
at councils discretion, they can unload their pumping trucks at the designated receival point with their own access card.


Protects treatment plants from unwanted solids and trash in septic.

Provides a packaged solution for plants and private operators to unload and process septic.

Prevents septic odours and vector problems from screened debris.

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