Precast Concrete Pump Stations

Our well-engineered, cost effective precast concrete pump station solutions, are custom designed to meet Workplace Health and Safety Obligations.

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installing concrete pump stations into ground

Precast Concrete Pump Stations and Systems

QMAX precast concrete pump station solutions are custom designed for stormwater, sewage, effluent and trade waste. There are usually very specific needs or regulatory requirements that need to be met, we have the experience and expertise to customise sewage and stormwater pump solutions accordingly.

All our concrete pump station systems are well-engineered, cost-effective solutions that have been designed in consultation with various authorities across Australia to maximise performance and minimise your Workplace Health and Safety risk. In fact, these precast concrete pump station systems have been designed to ensure that most maintenance can be performed without having to enter the pump well.

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  • installing concrete pump stations into ground
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  • Built with 50MPa concrete, using a steel mould and intense vibration (compaction)
  • Modular, space-saving design for easy assembly
  • Flexible configuration and quick repair
  • Simple, pain-free installation
  • A smaller footprint in construction
  • Full compliance with all safety standards
  • Welded PE liner is available for increased longevity. The liner is set into the internal surface of the concrete well.
  • To improve safety requirements, an integral valve chamber is sealed from the pumpwell atmosphere. This provides a safe working environment for maintenance work, as well as reducing the common problem of differential settlement between the pumpwell and valve chamber.
  • Our control systems and pipework material and configuration is fully customised for your project. Control options include telemetry, SCADA, Ethernet, Modbus connections and much more!