Hydraulic Services

Our offering to the Hydraulic Services market is limitless – from Water Boosting Systems to Oil Separation systems, QMax can offer a wide range of products for your next commercial or residential projects.

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Q-60 Oil Separator

When it comes to managing wastewater with oil contaminants, you can count on the QMAX Q-60 Series Coalescing Plate Oil Separators. Designed in accordance with in accordance with water authority requirements fopr corrugated plate interceptors, the QMAX Q-60 series of separators provide a proven solution to effluent treatment problems. The Q-60 separators come in two basic models:

Q-60/15 Nominal 1500 L/h capacity
Q-60/30 Nominal 3000 L/h capacity.

If you require higher flow rates please contact our office on 1800 678 910

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  • Robustly constructed of welded stainless-steel sheet
  • Stainless-steel lid with stainless steel-fasteners to preclude wind-borne debris
  • Plate spacing 20mm apart for optimum oil/solids removal
  • Removable plate pack for easy cleaning
  • Sludge hopper with drain valve fitted
  • Electric diaphragm pump with float switch control
  • Optional control panel to give high level alarm indication
  • Easy installation


  • Car wash bays
  • Car parks
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Fuel service stations