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QMAX Pumping Systems are an authorised distributor of the ABS brand of submersible pumps manufactured by Sulzer Ltd. Sulzer has been in the pump manufacturing business since 1834, founded in Switzerland.The ABS brand of pumps are characterised by their robust design and low weight meeting future challenges within wastewater collection.

The ABS XFP Wastewater range is our focus at QMAX Pumping. A premium-efficiency motor is just one of many benefits you get with the ABS EffeX range. After analysing market needs and the design of submersible sewage pumps, Sulzer have built in a number of new features that makes our ABS EffeX range the best wastewater pumps available. The five major features we now offer you are summarised below along with their corresponding benefits.


Reduced risk of pollution from overflows

Reduced risk of interruption to services to customers

Reduced breakdown costs

Reduced tankering costs

Reduced maintenance costs


Reduced energy costs

Smaller CO2 footprint

Excellent rag handling


    • Reduced risk of pollution from overflows
    • Reduced risk of interruption to services to customers
    • Reduced breakdown costs


    • Compliance with planned EU, US and other legislation for conventional motors
    • Impeller designs based on future wastewater content
    • High reliability to ensure compliance with overflow reduction targets


    • Reduced CO2 emissions in pump manufacturing and operation
    • Prolonged pump lifecycle
    • Reduced maintenance costs by adjustment rather than repair


    The sum total of these five major benefits is optimal lifecycle operation. That is, when you install an ABS EffeX range premium-efficiency pump, you know that no other similar type of pump on the market can match its benefits.

    ABS EffeX range pumps are designed to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, and to ensure a prolonged lifecycle compared with competitive pumps. Moreover, they comply with forthcoming equipment motor legislation in relevant countries and contribute to sustainable development.


    Sewer Pumping Stations

    Sewer Treatment Plants

    Stormwater Pump Stations

    Rainwater Harvesting


    Pumps for desalination and water reuse

    Pumps for irrigation and flood control

    Dewatering pumps

    Wastewater pumps and related equipment (lifters, mixers, aerators, compressors, control and monitoring equipment, pump alarm systems, as well as services)

    Coating solutions for water pumps and turbines

    Purification solutions for wastewater

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    SmartCover monitoring systems to stay ahead of problems and challenges

    The self-contained SmartCover® monitoring system helps water and wastewater managers deal with common problems. It provides real-time continuous remote sensing, alarming to customers’ preferred devices, easy-to-use Web interface, and data collection and analysis through wireless communication. Intended for sites that have environmental challenges. It can operate virtually anywhere in the world, installs in minutes and is on-line and ready for you immediately.

    The SmartCover® is a comprehensive collection system management tool and is used for both its alarming capabilities and its long term historical trending. The immediate alarming based on high water level along with historical level data trending is a powerful tool for use in any sewer collection system.

    The traditional ways of line cleaning, CCTV inspection and visual inspections only demonstrate the condition of the collection system at that moment in time. The ability to widely deploy 24/7 wireless systems like the SmartCover® let agencies view and trend their collection system in a way that was never available in the past.

    The SmartCover® system provides real-time continuous remote sensing, alarming to devices of the customer’s choice, a easy-to-use web based interface, and long and short term data collection and analysis.

  • Advanced monitoring features for the smooth operation of your pumping systems

    • Satellite Communications provide extremely high reliability
    • Communicates from anywhere on earth
    • Attaches to existing manhole cover or hatch
    • No confined space entry to install or maintain
    • Traffic Rated Antenna
    • No Nuisance alarms

    Designed for a wide range of applications

    • Pump stations
    • Wastewater maintenance optimisation
    • Inflow and infiltration
    • Underground utility vault monitoring
    • Odour monitoring

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