Supplying pumps to large mechanical services companies nationally for many years, QMAX has earned renown for providing excellent quality products and valuable service and support over 30 years.


Sydney’s Leaders in Mechanical Service Pumps

Experience and expertise in providing pumps for the mechanical service industry

QMAX have been supplying pumps to large mechanical services companies nationally and retail locally for many years. We have earned renown for providing excellent quality products and valuable service and support for over 40 years. It is our standard to only offer the best pump products available on the market including the well-known brands Grundfos, Southern Cross, Ebara and more. Along with these popular brands we can also help you with many other brands, contact us and we will be able to help you

Our customers have confidence in our expertise, reliability of our selections and technical knowledge which are based on sound engineering principles.

  • A wide range of options are available to provide optimum performance and efficiency for the application and duty required.

    A comprehensive mechanical pump services throughout Sydney

    • Long-coupled

    • In-line

    • Close-coupled

    • Multistage

    With a variety of options available, including:

    • Standard bases

    • Inertia bases

    • Rubber mounts

    • Spring mounts

    • Seal flush systems

    • Integral VS drives

    This enables our pump systems to be used for many different application, such as:

    • Shopping centres
    • Office complexes
    • Schools and universities
    • Commercial buildings
    • Apartments


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    Q-Heat hot water circulation systems

    QMAX Pumping Systems manufacture a large range of hot water circulation systems.

    The Q-Heat Dual Hot Water Circulator Systems are a range of automated twin pump packages designed to provide ultimate efficiency and reduce energy consumption by ensuring consistent hot water supply.

    The Q-Heat series ranges from small single pump systems to large systems with VSD (Variable Speed Drive) control. Its dual-alternating set ensures maximum reliability. The standby pump automatically starts in the event that the duty pump should fail.


    • Programmable time clock

    • Motor overload protection

    • Thermostatic control (optional)

    • Balanced pump run time

    • BMS fault outputs

    • Variable Speed Drive Control (optional)

    • Duty override selector

    • Plug-in electrics

    • Multi-speed pumps

    • Hot water circulating pumps are constructed from bronze or stainless steel

    • Stainless steel or copper manifolds

    • Temperature gauge (optional)


    • Multistorey Apartments

    • Hospitals

    • Aged Care facilities

    • Hotels

    • Large Residences

    • Offices

    • Airports

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