Precast Concrete Pump Stations

Q-Max ‘Premier’ precast concrete pump station solutions for sewage

or stormwater have been designed to offer contractors and their

clients with a well-engineered, cost-effective product that meets

their obligations under Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.

Precast Concrete Pump Stations products

Precast Concrete Pump Stations and Sewer Pump Station Systems in NSW

The QMAX concrete pump station, as well as our sewage or stormwater pump stations systems, have been designed to offer contractors and their clients a well-engineered, cost-effective product that meets their obligations under workplace health and safety. QMAX, working with associate companies and various authorities across Australia, has developed a pump station to minimize your OHS risk. Our precast concrete pump station options provide a well-designed and safe installation where almost all maintenance can be performed without having to enter the pump well.

Installation of our concrete pump station can be performed by QMAX giving its clients the peace of mind of a single-source supplier, providing turnkey solutions including commissioning. You may be also interested in our Fibreglass Pumping Stations.

Aside from our excellent sewage & stormwater pumping products, we also specialise in designing, supplying and installing our concrete pump stations so that they are specifically engineered to meet your unique requirements and the specifications of many regulatory authorities. This is applied to both sewage pump stations and stormwater options.

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  • Concrete pump station solutions that can handle stormwater, sewer waste and more

    Our products are designed for durability and versatility. They are built to handle the transfer of:

    • Effluent

    • Sewage

    • Stormwater

    • Trade waste

    This type of flexibility across sewer & stormwater pump needs is only possible due to the number of features packed into our systems. These include:

    • Uses a steel mould and intense vibration (compaction) along with 50MPa concrete

    • Modular, space-saving design for easy assembly, flexible configuration and quick repair Simple, pain-free installation

    • A smaller footprint in construction

    • Full compliance with all safety standards

    • Welded PE liner is available for increased longevity. The liner is set into the internal surface of the concrete well.

    • To improve safety requirements, an integral valve chamber is sealed from the pumpwell atmosphere. This also reduces the common problem of differential settlement between the pumpwell and valve chamber.

    • If you have specific applications in mind, we also offer separate valve chambers.

    • Controllers and pipework materials and are customisable

    • Standard controllers are available. Controls can also be customised to meet any requirements, including telemetry, SCADA, Ethernet and Modbus connections.

    Ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including sewer & stormwater drainage, throughout Sydney and NSW

    • Subdivisions
    • Multi-storey office complexes
    • Residential apartments
    • Municipal installations

    Discover how our concrete pump, sewage & stormwater systems can meet your complex needs

    Find out all you need about QMAX’s concrete pump solution. Pick up the phone and call our team on 1800 678 910 to find out more, or use our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can