Rainwater Harvesting and Filtration Systems

Responding to the growing demand for efficient use of collected rainwater in commercial premises, the range of Pumping Systems Q-Max can provide is exhaustive. From single pump to multi-pump systems, filtration to sterilisation and disinfection.



QMAX Pumping does a range of water reuse systems, ranging from small 30l/m units to very large systems that are designed as a complete system with filtration, disinfection- if required and mains water change over. QMAX can engineer a system to utilise water from several sources with control systems that can be integrated into Building Management Systems.


    • Fully assembled packaged units

    • Fully integrated electrical controls, and requires only a single

    • 15amp single phase power outlet

    • UV Steralised water

    • Able to utilise above or below ground water sources

    • Low Maintenance

    • Simple installation

    • Dual pump option available

    • Outdoor enclosure is available

    • Variable speed drive to provide constant, stable pressure over a wide range of flows

    • Customised to your requirements

    • External monitoring system compatible


    • Non potable water supply

    • Pressure boosting and rainwater sterilisation

    • Commercial/domestic toilet

    • Irrigation

    • Wash down water

    • Toilet flushing

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    UV water sterilisers for rainwater treatment

    From small domestic systems to large-scale industrial and municipal systems, we have a wide range of units designed to meet your specific requirements. Our UV units protect you by destroying harmful microorganisms in untreated water supplies.

    QMAX can incorporate UV units in a pre-fabricated pump and filtration package to ensure a high quality system designed to provide unrivalled performance with low life cycle costs.

    QMAX UV water treatment units are always sourced from reputable manufacturers, supplied with factory warranties, constructed with high quality components, sized accurately according to your flow rate, available with duty-standby systems to provide redundancy

    We also stock a range of commonly used ultraviolet/UV replacement lamps.

  • Harvesting and filtration systems with a range of advanced features

    • Available as single units or packaged together with a pump and filtration system
    • Made of durable, high quality materials
    • Most systems only require a standard 240-Volt GPO (General Power Outlet) for operation
    • BMS monitoring (optional feature)
    • UV intensity monitoring (optional feature)
    • Hours run meter (optional feature)

    Water treatment systems versatile enough for a variety of applications

    • Domestic tank water supply
    • Commercial/industrial developments
    • Airports

    An ultraviolet system eliminates the need for costly and potentially harmful chemical dosing treatments. QMAX can incorporate UV water steriliser units into a pre-fabricated pump and filtration package to provide you with a complete, high-quality system.

    Plus, with no chemical treatments involved, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water is not treated with substances that could be damaging to your health. QMAX Ultraviolet Treatment systems are the safe, effective, and reliable solution for disinfecting your water supply.

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    For further information about our water harvesters and sterilisers, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and queries, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. The QMAX experts have the industry experience and product knowledge to provide the finer details of any of our products and equipment. Pick up the phone and call us today on 1800 678 910 or leave your details in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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    In response to increasing environmental awareness, and the growing demand for efficient use of collected rainwater around our homes, QMAX have developed a range of rainwater re-use systems. These systems include rainwater harvesting systems, to transfer collected rainwater to storage, and automatic pressurisation systems, which can be integrated with filtration and sterilisation equipment


    In response to increasing environmental awareness, and the growing demand for efficient use of collected rainwater in commercial premises, QMAX have developed a range of rainwater re-use systems. These systems include rainwater harvesting systems, to transfer collected rainwater to storage, and automatic pressurisation systems, which can be integrated with filtration and sterilisation equipment.

    These are usually able to be supplied as a complete, factory assembled and tested package, pre-wired, with pipework and valves, ready for simple and quick installation on-site. Multi-pump systems with variable-speed, constant pressure controls provide smooth, efficient operation over a wide range of conditions, to serve irrigation, wash down and toilet flushing requirements. These systems can also utilise submersible pumps, installed in the retention tank itself, to minimise plant room space and possible noise issues.

    To complement all Rainwater Harvesting Systems, a range of mains water make-up or by-pass systems are available to suit the requirements of the customer and the regulatory authorities.


    A fully-integrated rainwater reuse system can be provided in an in-ground fiberglass structure, which houses submersible pumps, filtration equipment and ultraviolet sterilization equipment all in an engineered package, pre-assembled for simplicity of installation.This reduces precious plantroom space in commercial buildings, and provides a quiet, unobtrusive and economical solution to the demands of water reuse.


    Q-Max can supply and install water re-use systems for park and landscaping irrigation.These systems integrate a multi-pump constant pressure system with a robust automatic filtration system to provide a reliable irrigation system utilising harvested stormwater.



    Wash down

    Toilet Flushes

    Water Treatment Plants

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    Keep your water quality at its best with QMAX filtration systems. Whether it’s for your home or for a high-flow irrigation system, QMAX can provide you with a product that meets your unique needs. We source high-quality filtration products from the world’s leading manufacturers. With the wide range of filtration systems we can offer, it’s easy to find a cost-effective solution that can achieve your desired results.


    • Screen filters (manual and automatic backwash)
    • Disc filters
    • Bag filters
    • Cartridge filters
    • Media filters
    • Microfibre filters
    • RO filtration


    • Large range of filtration options

    • Comes with back-up service and QMAX’s technical expertise

    • Guaranteed outcomes with low life cycle costs


    • Domestic Rainwater Reuse

    • Apartments

    • Commercial Buildings

    • Shopping Centres

    • Office Complexes

    • Irrigation Systems

    • Reclaimed Water Systems

    These filtration packages are often combined with a pump system to offer a complete turnkey solution.

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    We all have a responsibility to protect our groundwater and the environment. When it comes to managing waste water with oil contaminants, you can count on the QMAX Q-60 Series Coalescing Plate Oil Separators.

    The Q60 oil/Water separators are an excellent system for handling waste water where oil contaminants are present.

    Designed in accordance with Actew and Sydney Water specifications for corrugated plate interceptors, the QMAX Q-60 series of separators provide a proven solution to effluent treatment problems.

    The Q-60 separators come in two basic models:

    Q-60/15 Nominal 1500 L/h capacity

    Q-60/30 Nominal 3000 L/h capacity

    *If you require higher flow rates please contact our office on 1800 678 910


    • Robustly constructed of welded stainless steel sheet.

    • Stainless steel lid with stainless steel fasteners to preclude wind-borne debris.

    • Plate spacing 20mm apart for optimum oil/solids removal.

    • Removable plate pack for easy cleaning

    • Sludge hopper with drain valve fitted.

    • Electric diaphragm pump with float switch control.

    • Optional control panel to give high level alarm indication.

    • Easy installation


    • Car wash bays

    • Car parks

    • Mechanical workshops

    • Fuel Service stations

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    Do you have the potable water pressure you need to operate your development satisfactorily?

    QMAX Pressure system pumps are ideal for mains water supply systems and for pressure boosting in multi-story buildings. The demand for water in these situations can fluctuate greatly during the course of a day. With QMAX pressure systems, it is easy to provide optimum user comfort by maintaining constant water pressure at all levels and at all times.


    • Complete package system

    • Factory-tested and meets all safety standards

    • Mains booster or tank booster

    • Provides constant water pressure

    • Increases pump life

    • Two types of control: fixed speed and variable speed

    • Single or multiple pump units can be combined with pressure tanks, valves, gauges, pressure and flow monitoring equipment and many different filtration and treatment options.


    • Multi story buildings

    • Town water pressure booster

    • Remote site water supply

    • Industrial requirements

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