Fibreglass Pump Stations

Top of the Range Fibreglass Pump Stations for Stormwater and Sewage Transfer


Rapid results.


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The Q-Max Compact Pump Station from Q-Max Pumping Systems is the smart and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of infrastructure systems. Our products have been designed by industry professionals, based on many years of experience. The QMAX team is fully-trained and highly-qualified, ensuring that our products, advice and services are of the highest quality and meet stringent industry regulations.

Fibreglass Pump Stations products

Fibreglass pumping stations designed from the ground up for efficiency and reliability

The QMAX Fibreglass pump station has been specifically designed to reduce site work and installation time, each Fibreglass pump station is factory assembled, supplied complete with pumps and pipework specific to your application for example.

The fibreglass pump station can be used as Sewage pump stations or Stormwater pump stations.

Controls are selected to meet your site requirements and site wiring of pumps and controls is usually required to give a complete turnkey solution.

  • Fibreglass pump stations and wells designed for a range of applications

    Our pump stations are designed to be versatile, enabling their use for many different types of requirement. These include:

    • Subdivisions – residential and industrial
    • Caravan parks
    • Mining sites
    • Shopping centres
    • Hospitals

    Our pumping stations have a range of features to enhance their usability and flexibility

    • Designed to reduce site work and installation time: comes fully fitted with factory-assembled pumps and pipework
    • Controls are selected to meet your site requirements
    • Built to comply with the highest OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) and Australian standards
    • Comes with a wide range of accessories that enhance performance
    • Made of lightweight yet corrosion-resistant material for superior strength.
    • Customizable parts with a pump station that comes in a variety of sizes, from 600mm to 2,400mm in diameter. We also offer many options for the type of material used for access covers.

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